French Patio Doors Fully Fitted Prices

How to find prices for French Patio Doors?

A reasonable question if you are in the market for French Patio Doors and one that has a couple of answers.

One solution is to go online and find out more at because it’s a website designed to provide information on this type of door and can also help you find French Patio Doors fully fitted prices.

What type of colour can i get for uPVC French Doors?

French Patio Doors Fully Fitted PricesEasy to find popular colours for uPVC versions would be White, Grey, Light Oak, Rosewood, Irish Oak or Mahogany.

Sizes range from 900mm to 1900mm for the door pair width (2 panel). For opening that are wider than this then you are looking at adding side or top panels. (typical max opening height is around 2100mm to 2300mm).

2 door plus side panel widths range from 1800mm to 3000mm.

Prices for upvc patio doors on a supply only basis can start from as little as £420