Online Double Glazing Price Guide

Online Double Glazing Price Guide

Prices for double glazing online

“What are the best prices for double glazed upvc windows” is a question that we get asked a lot of times every week by people looking for double glazing.

Online Double Glazing Price GuideHomeowners who want double glazing & replacement windows are always looking out for the best deal on prices and so it’s expected.

Pricing uPVC windows can be quite simple if you know what you are looking for, but you do have to know exactly what you want to get an accurate price online.

Online prices can only be used as a guide to the real cost, because there are so many permutation of size, colour, glazing options, energy efficiency etc. that a supplier can only give a selection of cost that are most popular to them.

For example:

prices for a single upvc window supply only can be as low as £150 per window. But that does not tell you much and can make you think that you only need to spend £150 to get a new window.

That price is only part of the story because if the window you want is not the same size as the one advertised then the price will be different.

The only way to get prices for the windows in you home is to have the job measured and then get a quote in writing of the installer.

This way, you get the window that you want in the style that you like with all the features that you need for your property – any online price is just there to give you a general idea of the approximate cost.

You can learn more here about how much do sash windows cost

French Patio Doors Fully Fitted Prices

French Patio Doors Fully Fitted Prices

How to find prices for French Patio Doors?

A reasonable question if you are in the market for French Patio Doors and one that has a couple of answers.

One solution is to go online and find out more at because it’s a website designed to provide information on this type of door and can also help you find French Patio Doors fully fitted prices.

What type of colour can i get for uPVC French Doors?

French Patio Doors Fully Fitted PricesEasy to find popular colours for uPVC versions would be White, Grey, Light Oak, Rosewood, Irish Oak or Mahogany.

Sizes range from 900mm to 1900mm for the door pair width (2 panel). For opening that are wider than this then you are looking at adding side or top panels. (typical max opening height is around 2100mm to 2300mm).

2 door plus side panel widths range from 1800mm to 3000mm.

Prices for upvc patio doors on a supply only basis can start from as little as £420

What Does an Orangery Cost in 2017?

What Does an Orangery Cost in 2017?

Comparing Prices for Orangeries in 2017

So what does an orangery cost in 2017? Well, as you would expect, it’s going to be related to how big & how fancy the orangery is that you want to install.

find out more about orangeries at

Firstly, orangeries are substantial living spaces, more like a home extension than a conservatory. They incorporate fancy roofing, and often feature solid columns with high quality windows and doors – so they won’t be cheap.

What Does an Orangery Cost in 2017?On the subject of windows and doors for your orangery, it’s important that they complement,  and not clash, with both your existing building and that of the orangery overall appearance.

An orangery that has full glazed sides would probably be at the lower end of the price range, as it would involve lees structural work, but you still could be looking at an “entry level price” of in the region of £10,000.

A full hardwood orangery would cost more, coming in at £15,000 upwards depending on your size and features.

But at the top of the range, bespoke Orangeries (which look absolutely stunning) would be starting from £20,000 to £40,000.

A bespoke orangery project is not something that can be rushed into without forethought because it’s not as simple as “clear the ground, put in a base, build the walls & roof , move in!”.

It’s likely that if you are building a decent sized room that you will require planning permission to build it  (don’t forget to discuss with your immediate neighbors about what you are thinking of doing). If you think planning permission is not important, you should as the entertainer / singer Mr Cliff Richard about what happens if you get it wrong:

  • read it here:




Are Local Prices For Conservatories Cheaper?

Are Local Prices For Conservatories Cheaper?

Local prices versus Nation wide prices for conservatories

There is always a debate between whether conservatory buyers go for “my local prices conservatory price guide” or to a National coverage installer prices guide for quotes.

Are Local Prices For Conservatories Cheaper?The main contention being that a smaller, but no less professional company has less overhead than a big company and can therefore offer a better deal on a given type of conservatory.

The premise that local prices are lower than National prices has some merit.

Firstly, the  local company is based where you live (or not too far away) and will be aware of the market prices in your location, something a big company may not be too aware of.

The local guy will probably done some work not so far away from your home and can easily refer you to the customer to vouch for their work.

Being in the local market, almost forces the local business to keep prices keen, as they want to build a strong business and can;t afford to lose local customers.

Aside from the price factor, you could get a more personal response from them. Large companies with thousands of clients have garnered a  reputation for not “caring as much” for customers as local businesses. I suppose, at the end of the day, the proof in terms of pricing will only come when you get quotes form both and compare them to see which is the best deal for you.

Bifold Doors Price List 2017

Bifold Doors Price List 2017

Bifold Door Costs for 2017

In order to find out what your bifold door costs in 2017, you might want to check out some kind of price list first.

A lot of people search for cheap upvc bifold doors, so here are some alternative bifold prices for you to review.

Prices for bifold doors can either be fully fitted or supply only. For this bifold doors price list we will be listing some online supply only bifold prices that are collected from suppliers around the UK.

  • 2 to 3 panel 1.8 metre wide – white timber veneer £1,499
  • 2 to 3 panel 1.8 metre wide – timber with engineered wood (oak) £1,999
  • 2 to 3 panel 1.8 metre wide – aluminium  £2,289

In general you have 3 options for material to use:

  1. UPVC – white or up to 10 different colours and wood-grain effect finish
  2. Aluminium – 100+ RAL powder coat colours
  3. Timber – solid hardwood, engineered wood or soft wood with hardwood veneer finishes

You should be aware that the standard height for a bifold door would be about 2200mm, so if you opening is higher than this, you should consult your proposed supplier before ordering.

Optional extras

Most bifold patio doors prices include the basics such as toughened glass double glazing and multipoint locks.

Bifold Doors Price List 2017But some items could bl classed as optional extras and will incur an additional charge.

  • 21mm sealed glazed units
  • Argon Gas filled double glazing
  • Low emissivity glazing
  • Low level thresholds
  • colours
  • Higher quality door furniture (handles locks)
  • Traffic doors
  • Finger safe doors

In each case it is best to get a  written quote for the complete cost of the work from your supplier so that you can see exactly what is included and what is an optional extra.